Our Service

Spoken Language Interpreting
Access to Languages – anytime, anywhere

The Involve Interpreter (Spoken Language) service provides safe and reliable access to expert interpreters using our bespoke, secure online video scheduling portal. The service allows you to schedule your choice of interpreting session and connect from any device, securely using our state of the art N3/HSCN compliant High Definition video platform.

With a growing number of languages and UK-based specialist, experienced and qualified interpreters, we can provide the language you require at any-time, 365 days a year operating across many disciplines and settings.

Our service provides tangible cost savings over face-to-face services, with faster access, greater flexibility, and the cost effectiveness of a remote service. Our service is quickly being adopted across the UK providing a reliable alternative to relatively expensive face-to-face interpreting

Registered customers can pre-book a video or audio session online using our secure access portal. This portal also enables users to monitor the progress of any sessions that have been created the organisation.

Key Service Features

  • 24/7/365 service availability
  • Secure video and audio capability with access to N3
  • Safe, secure and fully IG compliant service delivery model
  • Highly skilled team of Interpreters with multi-industry knowledge
  • High Definition call quality
  • Connect via existing internet connection or via 4G
  • Client onboarding, training and ongoing relationship management provided
  • Flexible per-minute billing plans provided
  • Simple but 100% secure remote access for all parties
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Complete remote access available NOW to all Limited English speakers