Involve Interpreter (BSL) For Work

Involve Video Interpreter (BSL) is ideal for use in a variety of work situations and works as an additional resource to your face to face interpreting.

You can access a qualified BSL interpreter using any internet enabled device, giving you flexible and productive communication choices at work. A video interpreter service provides many benefits including:

  • Only pay for the interpreter time you use (No 3-hour minimum)
  • Pre-book session to guarantee interpreter availability (No on-demand waiting times)
  • Offline services – language modification, translations and proof-reading
  • Use in the office, on the road or from home
  • Fill short notice bookings
  • No ‘off-duty’ interpreter in the office


Please open this page using Chrome or Safari browser before connecting to BSL chat

We also off­er a dedicated ‘BSL Assistant’ service. This specialist service provides additional support for document translations, language modifications, audio transcripts and proof reading. Ideal for busy professionals that are required to understand and complete many types of written documentation.

We only use RSLI interpreters and provide them with additional training to meet the varied demands of workplace interpreting. Whether it’s a formal meeting, getting information from colleagues or support with producing paper work – Involve Interpreter BSL is here to help.

It’s simple; Once you have registered, just log into our dedicated portal from any device and choose your session. Confirmation of your session time and the name of your BSL interpreter is sent to your email.

Click “connect” – and that’s it!

We are approved by Access to Work making it easy and simple for you to update your current application to use our services.