Conference interpreting SERVICE

and event interpreting

Involve Interpreter provides high-quality video BSL interpretation for the streaming of live events, conferences and more. 

Conference & Event Interpreting

Involve Interpreter are able to support events and conferences of any size and subject, ensuring that every business can successfully communicate to all their customers, whether it be an online or in-person event. 

We have a diverse team of BSL translators who are highly experienced in delivering BSL interpretation for a wide range of conferences and live events.

 Why use interpreting for conferences & live events?

It’s important to make your conferences and live events accessible to everyone, as your staff, customers and clients may be deaf. 
Providing BSL interpretation at your event not only promotes awareness of BSL users, but guarantees a wider range of viewers, which will boost business opportunities for your organisation.

What Involve Interpreter can offer

As Involve Interpreter offers such a wide range of services, we can tailor our conference package to suit the needs of your business and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day. We recognise that every organisation and event is different, therefore it is important to us that we adjust our service to suit everyone.

We are proud to have a team of fully qualified, widely experienced and diverse interpreters who you can rely on to support your event. This means that we match you with an interpreter that represents both your project and target audience.

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