BSL Interpreter (British Sign Language Interpreters)

The Involve Interpreter BSL (British Sign Language) service provides professional and reliable VRI / VRS access to qualified BSL Video Interpreters using our, secure online booking portal. Video interpreting brings the quality and importance of face to face interpreting without the high costs.

Involve Interpreter connects Deaf and hearing people together instantly, enabling complete and effective communication through a qualified BSL interpreter via any internet enabled video device.

We recognise the communication, accessibility and independence difficulties experienced by Deaf people. Our video interpreter service helps organisations to meet Access and Communication needs, ultimately, reducing inequalities and promoting independence and well being.

Video BSL Interpreting is ideal for a range of settings and we ensure high quality interpreting services using qualified BSL interpreters and translators with a broad range of experience across a range of sectors.

“It feels like the interpreter is in the room with us”

Customer benefits

  • A user-friendly online booking system
  • Flexible access to UK based, qualified BSL interpreters
  • Cost effective Pay as you go (PAYG) service
  • Same day and short notice appointments catered for
  • Secure, private network with WIFI, 3G & 4G connectivity
  • Improved access for Deaf British sign language users
  • Award-winning Audio & Visual services
  • Full training and ongoing relationship management
  • Increased appointment fulfillment
  • Access interpreters using any device, anywhere
  • Supports meeting statutory duties to Deaf customers – Equalities Act, NHS Information Standard etc
  • Adherence to the NRCPD code of conduct


One of Involves BSL Interpreters is Dionne Thomas

You can read more about Dionne on her meet the team post.

When asked how long she had been an interpreter, Dionne replied “I have been qualified since 2011 but started as a trainee 10 years ago. I started as a volunteer for Merseyside Society for Deaf people, supporting older people and training them how to use a minicom – old deaf tech that was used instead of phone calls back in the day. However, it’s now obsolete and everyone has smartphones, video calls, and social media for communication.”

Professional Interpretation Solutions

Involve Video Interpreter (BSL) is ideal for use in a variety of work situations and works as an additional resource to your face to face interpreting. We also offer other translation and interpreting services including spoken language interpreting.

BSL Video Interpreting – Sign Language Services

We offer video interpreting via any internet enabled video device with one of the most common devices being a smartphone. Involve Interpreter delivers the highest quality virtual interpretation sessions from a UK based BSL Interpreter using the very best in class video technology.