BSL Video editing

& Transcription service

Involve Interpreter can support you to add BSL to your digital content to ensure your organisation is fully accessible to deaf people

BSL Video Editing & Recording

Our BSL Video Editing & Recording service offers a flexible approach for 
organisations to ensure that written, audio or digital content is made accessible for deaf people, whatever their communication preference.

Involve Interpreter have a diverse team of BSL translators who are highly experienced in delivering BSL translations for a wide range of content such as promotional videos, national TV programmes, training videos and more.

The BSL Video Editing service includes:

& voiceovers


Transcripts – audio or video recordings without subtitles made accessible in Verbatim or Plain English 

Editing – Green screen, simple graphics, and video‐in‐video services 
Translations – BSL/English translations into either language 

Why add BSL to your videos?

These services enable organisations to meet statutory requirements for providing access to information for deaf users. Our translations are suitable for internal and external web access and can be branded to match the organisation. 
It’s important to make your content accessible to everyone, as your staff, customers and clients may be deaf. Providing BSL interpretation not only promotes awareness of BSL users, but guarantees a wider range of viewers, which will boost business opportunities for your organisation.

See how the Involve Interpreter BSL
Video Editing service has created Deaf
accessible content for organisations

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