Warwick Castle’s Push for Inclusivity 

Warwick Castle offers an historical adventure, including a variety of live shows and experiences which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the history of the castle. Richard Shephard, Schools and Accessibility Officer at Warwick Castle said, “we are pushing to be as inclusive as possible and felt that subtitled British Sign Language (BSL) translations would really help guests who are Deaf BSL users and those who are hard of hearing get the best out of their day with us.” 


Working with Involve Interpreter 

“At the start of this project, we had little expertise in BSL. We chose Involve Interpreter as they had a detailed understanding of what we were trying to achieve and offered everything we needed,” said Richard. The translation project involved multiple videos for three of their shows: The Falconers Quest Birds of Prey Show, Wars of Roses Live! and Zog Live Show. These videos were translated by Involve’s in-house team of interpreters, filmed in their professional studios, and edited to suit Warwick Castle’s requirements. 


“BSL Translations by Involve Interpreter made Deaf guests feel included”

“Working with Involve Interpreter was a perfect experience; they were incredibly helpful at all stages,” said Richard. “They worked with me and our tech team to help us understand any potential technical problems from an interpretation point of view, in order to create the most polished work possible.” 

“Involve were extremely flexible throughout the project, working within tight deadlines and when an error was made on our part, they stepped in and solved the problem for us, giving us more of their time and expertise, at no extra cost. Involve allowed us to choose the format of the output, use our own backgrounds and gave us the option of complete videos or split scenes. This flexibility made the lives of our tech team so much easier when delivering each show.” 

To summarise, Richard said “Working with Involve Interpreter to provide BSL Translation has meant our Deaf and hard of hearing guests can follow some quite complex historical shows with ease and made these guests feel included.