Bolton Deaf Society Push For Accessibility

Established over 150 years ago, Bolton Deaf Society is a small independent charity providing practical support to people with hearing loss. Ellie Biggerstaff, Administrator at Bolton Deaf Society said, “we were determined to have BSL translations on our website as it is for the Deaf community, so we wanted to have accessibility across all platforms on our website. We recognise that many Deaf people have different preferences in terms of choosing to read or to watch a BSL translation, so we wanted to provide these options.”

Working with Involve Interpreter

The translation project consisted of a series of videos translating the content on Bolton Deaf Society’s website, to ensure the website is accessible to the Deaf community. The content was translated by Involve’s in-house team of translators, filmed in professional studios and edited to suit Bolton Deaf Society’s requirements. “We had an excellent line of communication with Involve Interpreter, so we felt very comfortable in working with them on this project” said Ellie. “We were able to ensure the BSL translations were up to our standards.”

“BSL Translations by Involve Interpreter has improved our accessibility”

“Our website has become easy to access, easy to understand and is just overall a better user experience for those who visit the website. This has in turn led to more Deaf people visiting our building as they felt that we would recognise and understand their needs.”

To summarise, Ellie said, “Involve Interpreter have been a great support and very accommodating in all we have requested from them.”