Attendable create and deliver virtual, hybrid and in person events that people want to attend. They work with non-profits, purpose led organisations and campaigns, and create inclusive events tailored to meet their clients needs. Tamsin Wilson, Events and Communications Coordinator at Attendable, said, “Attendable are an inclusive events agency, so ensuring all our events are accessible is at the heart of what we do. It was vital to us to provide BSL interpretation (both in-person and online) for this conference to ensure that the event was Deaf-inclusive.”

Working with Involve Interpreter

Attendable decided to use Involve Interpreter for their event, after a recommendation from Deaf Unity. “We had a really positive experience of working with Involve. The team were flexible, had great communication skills and a collaborative approach.”

Sharing how the BSL interpreters from Involve Interpreter helped Deaf people attending the event, Tamsin said “BSL interpretation was included throughout the event and they made sure our speakers, in person and virtual audience members with hearing loss could successfully attend and engage with the event.”

“Involve had their own team of interpreters in place which made our event fully accessible. 

To summarise, Tamsin said, “we had lots of positive feedback from our event team and delegates. It was a real positive for us that Involve had their own team of interpreters in place and that we could work with, as well as a project manager to coordinate resources, which made our event fully accessible.”