With approximately 151,000 BSL users in the UK, it is important to make your content accessible to everyone including your staff, customers and suppliers.  

Providing BSL translation of your content enhances the accessibility of your organisation to Deaf people, whilst also increasing awareness of BSL. Often people within the Deaf community can feel isolated, and they don’t receive essential information from organisations due to the lack of accessibility, so implementing BSL can help to address this issue.  

An example of how the Deaf community have been affected by a lack of BSL translation was during the cost-of-living crisis as BSL users weren’t made aware of the new changes that had been put in place as they hadn’t been translated before publication. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, BSL users also struggled during live COVID briefings as there was no sign language interpreters interpreting the briefings.  

Many organisations rely on captions to make their content accessible, and whilst this assists some of the Deaf community, BSL users may find subtitles difficult to follow and inaccessible. Also, a study has shown that Deaf people were less likely to retain the information that was being told on the news after watching with subtitles.  

There are a range of types of content that you could translate into BSL which would be useful for your staff and customers, such as your website, social media content, videos, promotional materials such as brochures, application forms and written documentation. Providing this information in BSL will show your commitment to accessibility, support your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies and help foster a positive brand image.  

At Involve Interpreter we can provide BSL translation services for your organisation to use in your digital content. Using our bespoke video recording and editing studios, we add professional quality BSL translation to any written, digital and audio content you create and distribute to ensure it is fully accessible to Deaf people. All BSL translations are created by our in-house team of experienced, qualified and diverse translators. Our translations are suitable for internal and external web use and can be made bespoke to your organisation’s branding. 

To find out more about how we can support your organisation with BSL Translation, please contact us.